twine canvas

Express Yourself and Meet Interesting People


How it Works



Browse through the filtered gallery of personality canvases. Sign in with Facebook to like interesting people.


Create a Canvas

Express yourself by creating a canvas of images reflecting your personality and interests.


Reveal and Connect

If you like each other’s canvases, we reveal your names and profile photos, and connect you.



Start chatting with people you find mutually interesting and attractive, complete with ice breaking tips.

Make Your Canvas

Instead of answering questions or just posting a selfie, Twine Canvas lets you to show off the unique hobbies, activities and interests that make you You. Grab images off Facebook, your phone or take new ones — then mash them up to create a beautiful collage of who you are.

Bonus — share your canvas across your social networks.


Personality before physicality.

Twine Canvas is for people looking for brains and beauty. It reveals who you are first, instead of being evaluated only by how you look. People select interesting canvases from a gallery of people within their match parameters.

If there’s a mutual match (the other person thinks you’re interesting too), the app reveals your faces and you can begin chatting.

Say more than "Hey"

Twine Canvas helps you start the conversation with your matches. Our patent-pending ICE Breaker feature suggests topics based on the interests of your match so you can have a more engaging interaction.

The canvas images also serve as a great conversation starter.

Conversation Starters


Frequently Asked Questions About The App
What is Twine Canvas?
Twine Canvas is the unique dating app that connects you with people based on interests, not just looks. People can express themselves and meet interesting matches. It’s the new version of Twine, which first launched in August 2013 with limited features.
How do I make a Canvas?
Once you’ve logged in, just click the “+” to start adding photos to represent your interests. You can select photos from your Facebook pictures, the photos on your phone, or take pictures with the camera. Once you’ve added the images, you can move them around, shrink or expand them, and rotate them until you have a Canvas you feel represents you. And remember—if you’re not happy with your Canvas, you can change it at any time.
How do I control who I connect with?
At any time you can click on the gear icon to go to the settings menu. This lets you choose whether you want to be matched with men, women, or both, as well as letting you set filters based on location and age.
Why can’t I see their profile pictures?
Twine Canvas allows people to match first by their personality - through liking their picture collages. If you like a canvas, and the creator of that canvas also likes yours, the app will notify you and you’ll be able to see their profile picture before you start chatting.
How can I contact you?
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about Twine Canvas, you can contact us at
Which mobile software does Twine Canvas support?
Twine Canvas supports iOS 6 and above. We plan to add Android support in the future.
Frequently Asked Questions About Version
Will my old Twine connections and conversations move into Twine Canvas?
Because Twine Canvas is a completely new app, the conversations and connections in Twine won't move into Twine Canvas. We encourage you to get contact information from your current Twines of interest so you can engage outside of the old Twine app. And to try out Twine Canvas too, of course.
What happened to the old Twine?
We built Canvas because we realized that a static list of interests doesn’t always do a good job of expressing who you are. In order to get a sense of the people you’re connecting with, we wanted to give all our users the opportunity to express themselves creatively.
Frequently Asked Questions About Security
How does Twine Canvas protect my privacy?
Your name and profile picture are not sent to anyone until you Like their Canvas and they Like yours. We never post anything to Facebook, or anything else, without your express permission. Other people will be able to see your canvas, but NOT your name or profile picture until you’ve been matched with them.
Can I block people who connect with me on Twine Canvas?
Absolutely. Just click on the “!” symbol at the top of the chat window.
Frequently Asked Questions About Matching
What if I don’t have any matches?
If you’re not seeing any matches, it means there aren’t any mutual connections yet - the people you like need to like your canvas as well for you to match and reveal pictures. Keep going through the gallery liking interesting canvases, and -- remember to share your canvas on your social networks and tell your friends about Twine Canvas! The more people who use it, the better the matches you’ll get.
Can I block people who connect with me on Twine Canvas?
Absolutely. Just click on the “!” symbol at the top of the chat window.


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